The Importance of Integrating a Psychedelic Experience


We are currently experiencing a renaissance of research into psychedelics. More evidence is accumulating that point to the therapeutic effects of these fascinating substances. Chemicals like psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, have been shown to effectively alleviate the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. Indeed, many users of psychedelics swear by their transformative properties, improving everything from their mental health to their relationships.

But when reading about all these promising studies on psychedelics, and trip reports of revelatory and spiritual experiences, there is a slight danger of viewing psychedelics as a panacea. They no doubt have incredible potential. But they cannot fix your problems. If you rely on psychedelics to give you a ‘reset’ without putting any work in, then you will come down from those euphoric heights and fall back into the same old neurotic patterns.