EUROTAS – The European Transpersonal Association


The European Transpersonal Association came into existence through a group of health practitioners and researchers in science and spirituality. Founded in 1984 during the first European Transpersonal Conference in Brussels which was organized by the Belgian team, the interesting discussions at the first EUROTAS meetings led to engaged action, in a family-like atmosphere. Today EUROTAS has members from over 25 countries, and organizes conferences that cover both the scientific and spiritual aspects of life. At these conferences, one still feels part of the original EUROTAS family. What makes the European Transpersonal Association so special is its unique way of merging spirituality with scientific rigor, providing increased opportunities for cooperation, scholarship and exchange. EUROTAS Vision statement: A conscious and compassionate world where everyone holds everything as sacred. EUROTAS Mission statement: To integrate ancient wisdom and new science in contemporary life. EUROTAS Values: Compassion, cooperation, creativity, co-creation, sharing, interconnectedness, responsibility, confidence, trust, openness, honesty, integrity, humor, mindfulness, diversity, acceptance, tolerance, willingness surrender, sacredness, solidarity, forgiveness, respect, care, humility.